Monday, November 20, 2017

The Turkey has landed!!!

Still reading the same books so I'll skip Book Date for this week.  My days have been so full I just don't get much reading done before I start dozing off! LOL!  Plus, I went to Walmart today for groceries and the fixin's for Thanksgiving.....yes, the turkey has landed.......and here it is.....I also got everything necessary for the big feast so I don't have to go out now for weeks!  No Black Friday for me.....ever!  I'll go online but you will not catch me out and about that's for sure!
I did buy myself one little treat today.........I don't buy magazines all year but come the holidays I am a real sucker for them it seems.............if I can't work on any self projects right now, at least I can plan for them for after Christmas..........or get a head start on next year's gifts!
Remember my jar salads?  Which I still make and still love by the way..........well.........I found a breakfast jar recipe.............they're Blueberry Chia Overnight Oats by Ellie Krieger.  It makes 4 jars and you put them in the frig ready to grab in the morning or anytime you want a healthy snack.  I am really into this 'jar' stuff.  I'm going to be looking for more recipes like this!  I haven't tasted them yet but I will tomorrow and get back to you but meanwhile here's the link to the recipe  in case you're interested.......she has prettier jars than I do! LOL!
Here's a view from the top.............they were fun to make.  Like I said, I really like having these items on the ready...........
That's all for today but it was a great one!  It was pretty chilly when I left for the store but the sun was out and it got up to 61 which is my kind of weather!  All the groceries got put away and I made the chia oats and even did a bit of knitting this afternoon.  The girls are all fed so maybe I'll mosey on into the crafts room and see if I can make a little dent in there before I run out of steam! LOL!
Happy Trails!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

YOP Week #21

Well, the Christmas presents are coming along....slowly but steadily and really I think I'm ahead this year although I don't want to jinx myself!  I'm already cutting corners on a few of my gift giving plans so it should all work out.  Speaking of gifts......I have a finish (except for weaving in some ends but that will happen during t.v. watching tonight.)  The shawl for my daughter.........yes, I've decided to give it to her......I bought a second skein and made it big enough to wrap around your neck like everyone does nowadays............
There is also a little ruffled edging............I made a mistake on was supposed to be 3 DC in each DC from the previous row but I misread and only did 2 so it is not as 'ruffled' as it is supposed to be but that's fine because my daughter and I are not the 'ruffle' type anyway so it's good as is..............
I'm not going to block it as it's people block acrylic yarn products?    Maybe a wash and dry in the machine?
I got some work done on the giraffe....can I tell you how much I detest stuffing and sewing on limbs and embroidering the face details?  The knitting is fine but the rest of it not so much fun.  I never seem to get the limbs attached symmetrically and the facial features are not my strong point either.  But I will forge ahead except I ran out of orange yarn, I need to get a pom pom maker as I did it the old fashioned way last time with cardboard and was not fun.  So, anything to make this job easier is a plus in my book.
Also, no more acrylic yarn!!!  It doesn't stretch or move and it is hard on my hands to knit or crochet with.....some of the newer brands are soft but still...........I was listening to the gal on The Spicy Homemaker podcast who knit a toy monkey for her nephew and she said it was the most enjoyable project and she had bought some nice yarn at her LYS....not acrylic.   But then her son wanted one too and she had been given a bunch of acrylic yarn by a non-knitter who's mother had passed away so she thought she would use it for the 2nd monkey.  She said it has been an awful experience and she is having a hard time finishing it.  So, I guess that explains a lot with my 3 giraffes (only on #2 so far).....ugh!  Never again...I am going to become a yarn snob forewarned!
In fact, this little project was a kit that came with beautiful hand dyed yarn.....I hope I can wait until after the gifts are done to cast it on but I'm not betting the farm on it! LOL! 
   I have worked on my sweater too and I'm pretty sure I am done with the sides and back and now I will be knitting the bottom edging and then the sleeves.  I need to try it on one more time to ensure it will be long enough....I'm wondering if I should have knit a bigger size as I knit tightly....but we shall see.  If it doesn't fit me it will fit someone and it has been a pleasure to knit and it has given me confidence to knit other garments in the future for sure!  My next garment I will do a swatch!
I didn't post a picture as you have seen it a zillion times already.
I did my 4 squares on my CMB and it is starting to go over the side of the bed....I just can't make up my mind if I want to be able to tuck it in like a regular blanket or just lay it over the bed under the quilt.  What do you think?  Would it be too bulky to tuck in?  Thoughts?
Here are the squares from this week.....the bottom 4...........
 They always look wonky like this but there will be an edging of some sort when it is finished and maybe a lining on the back?  I've seen some knitted blankets lined and it helps them hold their shape but I have no idea how they accomplish it....does anyone know?  Just thinking ahead!  It will be awhile so I have time.
I found some new and interesting pod casts this week and I also found some wonderful new patterns and yarns to get for my 'post Christmas' knitting.  I already have my sock yarn for Little Bobbin's Christmas Eve cast on of socks.  But for the other projects I need to order supplies.  Somehow  I have to squeeze it out  of the budget which isn't easy at this time of year but I must!
The podcasts I watched this week were:
The Bakery Bears (still catching up)
A Friend to Knit With (I LOVE her projects and the yarns she uses!....she's my Friend for life!)
The Spicy Homemaker
These are very good and almost professional in their pod casting skills.
That's all for this week!  I've been up since 1:15 this morning so I am just trying to make it to 8:00 p.m. before I crash.  I will be shopping tomorrow for Thanksgiving so I will try and catch up with everyone at some point....
Happy Thanksgiving if I don't talk to you before then or if you only stop by for YOP.
Happy Trails regardless!!! 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

A woman possessed....again!

 This was the view outside my kitchen window this morning........rainy and dark and so cozy I had to turn lights on and burn was perfect Hygge weather!

 I made breakfast while Miss Peeps messed up my rugs as she played with her 'twist ties' of her favorite toys!
 I made a simple (but there was some prepping) breakfast of an open face sandwich with a smashed avocado with lime juice, salt and pepper,  Some sliced radishes and cucumber (English with the skin on) and some hard boiled egg all on top of some whole grain toast.  It was good, healthy and filling.
 It was an Ellie Krueger recipe on her website.........
 Yesterday I got the guest room done with clean linens and dusted and vacuumed and some rearranging, more yarn for the drawers and cleaning out the 2 chests in the room for storing other items.

Every time I clean you will see my Windex bottle in the picture.  I have my own window cleaner that I make but Windex I use for spraying on my rag and cleaning knick-knacks, light bulbs, painted surfaces etc.  It works on so many things!  But I don't care for it on windows or mirrors....go figure.... 
 Today I hit the craft room and cleaned off a bookcase that was in the living room and dragged it into the crafts room.  I have those carpet mover things you place  under furniture so it slides and I even have a long handled pry bar that slides under the furniture so you can pry it up to enable you to slip the sliders under it.  It's a Godsend for those living alone!
 I got it in the crafts room, cleaned it and loaded it up.  It's not pretty but right now I'm just trying to get things off the floor and out of the way so I can find things plus there is a hide-a-bed in this room that needs to be ready depending on who all is coming for Turkey Day.
After I got it loaded up I remembered all those project/pattern notebooks I had removed to my bed!  Uh oh!  So, I had to rearrange and didn't have as much room as I thought I did but it is still better than it was! 
Like I's not pretty but it's clean and semi-organized.  What I also did was set up an empty container in the garage so when I found something for the Thrift store I immediately took it out there and put it in the container.  Of course, there were things that also went into the garbage.

After I finish this I am going to go empty the other bookcase and drag that in the craft room too!  I think I'm on a roll and I hope it keeps up!  I also made out my Thanksgiving Day menu and tomorrow I will make my list and go to the store.  There are some bills to pay tomorrow and a changing of my sheets.  I have leftovers for supper which is nice as I don't have to quit early on my organizing to make supper.  I am super happy about cleaning and clearing out and hopefully being more organized.
I hope you are enjoying the Fall.   What are your plans for Thanksgiving?
Happy Trails!!!